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CHG Bearing: Double Row Thin Section Bearings

Jun 22, 2024

Double Row Thin Section Bearing is a high-performance and multi-functional bearing type, which is widely used in various mechanical equipment. The following is a detailed introduction of this product:

I. Structure and characteristics

1. Double row design: double row thin wall bearings adopt two rows of rolling element design, this structure makes the bearings have higher load carrying capacity and stiffness, and can withstand greater loads and impacts.

2. Equal cross-section characteristics: the cross-sectional area of the bearing in the same series does not change with the increase in the size of the inner diameter and outer diameter. This characteristic makes the related parts can serialisation and standardisation, easy to produce and maintain.

3. Thin-walled structure: the outer ring and inner ring of the bearing are thin-walled structure, which has the advantages of light weight, thin wall, small size and so on. This design not only saves material, but also reduces inertia, making the bearing smoother during rotation.

4. High precision and high reliability: double row thin-walled bearings have high precision and high reliability, which can meet the needs of high-precision equipment. At the same time, its self-lubricating performance is good, suitable for high-speed, large load and shock vibration occasions.

Application Scene and Advantages

1. Aerospace field: in high-end equipment such as aircraft, rockets and satellites, double rows of thin-walled bearings with equal cross-section are widely used due to their lightweight and compactness characteristics. It can support and adjust the shape and position of the wing to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

2. Automotive field: in key parts of automotive engines, transmissions and suspension systems, double rows of equal cross-section thin-walled bearings are able to provide high stiffness and low noise performance, thus enhancing the comfort and performance of the car.

3. Robotics and precision instruments: in the field of robotics and precision instruments, the bearing's high precision and anti-wear performance has been widely used. It can support and adjust the position and angle of joints or lenses to ensure the precision and stability of the equipment.

4. Other fields: In addition to the above fields, double-row equal cross-section thin-walled bearings are also widely used in shipping, energy, medical equipment and other fields, providing stable and reliable support and transmission solutions for various equipment.

Third, the summary

Double row thin-section bearings with its unique double row design, equal cross-section characteristics, thin-walled structure, as well as high-precision and high reliability and other characteristics, in a number of fields play an important role. Whether for high-speed rotating equipment, precision machinery or heavy-duty working environment, it can provide excellent performance to meet the diverse needs of customers.

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