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What bearings are used in rolling mills?

Jul 04, 2024
 Common types of rolling mill bearings

1. Four rows cylindrical roller bearings

Characteristics: mainly used to bear radial load, with large load carrying capacity, high limiting speed, high manufacturing precision, inner and outer ring can be separated from the advantages of interchangeable. The inner ring and the roll neck are tightly fitted to ensure the rotary accuracy of the roll system.

Application: Widely used in wire rod mill, plate mill, foil mill, four-roll cold rolling mill and hot rolling mill and other equipment support roll parts.

2.Thrust roller bearings and thrust ball bearings

Characteristics: mainly used to bear axial load, maintain high axial guidance accuracy.

Application: often used in conjunction with four rows of cylindrical roller bearings to meet the common demand for radial and axial loads in rolling mills.

3.Angular contact ball bearings

Characteristics: with high limiting speed and precise axial guiding ability, suitable for high speed and precision requirements of the rolling mill.

Application: in the rolling speed demand higher rolling mill, such as high-speed wire rod mill, cold rolling mill, etc., there is a wide range of applications.

4.Tapered roller bearings

Characteristics: can simultaneously withstand radial and axial loads, without additional configuration of thrust bearings, compact structure, easy to install and dismantle.

Application: In the four-roll hot mill and cold mill work rolls, open blast machine, steel beam mill and other roll parts are widely used.

5. Spherical roller bearings

Features: can withstand both radial and axial forces, easy to install and dismantle.

Application: Although more popular in the early days, but at present, in addition to the use of specific occasions such as pipe mills, other mills are generally less used.

Second, lubrication

Rolling mill bearing lubrication methods are mostly used in oil and gas lubrication, oil mist lubrication and grease lubrication, etc., in order to ensure the good operation of the bearings and extend the service life.

Third, the conclusion

In summary, the mill uses a variety of types of bearings, the specific selection needs to be based on the type of mill, working conditions and performance requirements and other factors for comprehensive consideration. In the selection of bearings, should give full consideration to its bearing capacity, limiting speed, precision requirements and lubrication and other factors, in order to ensure the stable operation of the mill and efficient production.

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