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Cross roller bearings
CHG is an enterprise majored in research and development, production and sales of accuracy bearings. According to the needs of users, the company has developed high-accuracy, high-performance, high-quality cross roller bearings used on industrial robots. The company can produce RA, RB, RE, RU, CRB/CRBC, CRBH, SX, XSU, XU series of cross cylindrical roller bearings and XR, JXR series of cross tapered roller bearings with the accuracy of Grade P2. The products are widely used in industrial robots, CNC machine tools, reducers, printing machinery, medical equipment, accuracy measurement and control equipment, communication radar antennas, optical equipment, and etc. Adhering to the concept of “Collect Elites and Develop Boutique”, our company is committed to providing customers with high quality products. CHG has a technical team with more than ten years of research and development experiences for bearings, and they have achieved the outstanding results and many patents in design, manufacture and detection of uniform-section thin-section bearings, thin-section cross roller bearings, large accuracy high-speed ball bearings, military bearings and other accuracy bearings. The company always focuses on the modern management model, and has passed the certification of ISO9001: 2008 quality management system. According to customer requirements, can be tested by SGS, ASIA or other third-party international testing organizations.
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XSU cross roller bearing
XSU Cross Roller Bearings
We are manufacturer XSU cross roller bearing, only supply top quality cross roller bearing, product quality has been recognized by our cooperative partner.
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RU Bearing
RU Cross Roller Bearings
RU Series Crossed roller bearings is Integrated Inner and Outer Ring type
Inner Diameter: 20-350mm Outer Diameter: 70-540mm Width: 12-45mm Weight: 0.29-35.4kg
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RA Series
RA Crossed Roller Bearings
RA series crossed roller bearings, Split outer ring, integrated inner ring, Ultra-thin, and the size of the outer ring is small, the weight is light and the wall is thinner, RA series cross roller bearing is a kind of small size and light weight cross rol
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RB Series
RB Cross Roller Bearings
Inner Diameter: 30-1250mm Outer Diameter: 55-1500mm Width: 10-110mm Weight: 0.12-440kg
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RE Series
RE Cross Roller Bearings
Inner Diameter: 20-600mm Outer Diameter: 36-700mm Width: 8-50mm Weight: 0.04-41.7kg
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XU Series
HXU Series Cross Roller Bearings
Inner Diameter: 40-384mm Outer Diameter: 112-646mm Width: 22-86mm Weight: 1.4-115kg
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