Thin bearings, tapered &cylindrical roller bearings, cross roller bearings, slewing bearings, precision ball bearings, large size ball &roller bearings meet you demands.
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CHG specializes in producing large high-end GB/T4661-2002 cylindrical rollers and JB/T10235-2001 tapered rollers and spherical rollers for various bearing parts. The material of the high-end large roller adopts GCr15SiMn and G20Cr2Ni4A that meet the requirements of the national standard, with a hardness of HRC58-64, and the heat treatment is carried out in strict accordance with the relevant national standards. CHG can customize various types and sizes of high-end large rollers according to your needs. The processing range: Ф20-Ф120. According to the requirements of national standards, the roller diameter tolerance is 0.005mm, the length tolerance is 0.02mm, and the surface roughness is Ra0.25. After super precision, <Ra0.05 , It can reach the roller accuracy of grade I, grade II and grade III, and can provide super finishing and convex roller processing.
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tapered roller
Tapered Rollers
Customized Large-scale high-end tapered rollers

The roller size range is φ20~φ120mm
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cylindrical roller
Cylindrical Rollers
Customized Large-scale high-end cylindrical rollers

The roller size range is φ20~φ120mm
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