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Thin section bearings
CHG products thin section ball bearings include 7 opened series and 5 sealed series,the inner diameter range from 1.000" to 40.000" and the sectional dimension range from 0.1875" × 0.1875" to 1.000" × 1.000",3 kinds open type thin section bearings are available: Radial contact (type C), Angular contact (type A) and Four-point contact (type X). 2 kinds sealed thin section bearings are available: Radial contact (type C), and Four-point contact (type X). We can provide the products with different internal clearances, contact angles, lubrication modes, cage structures and other properties to meet the needs of most customers. Where the corrosion resistance is required, the bearings produced with the stainless steel 9Cr18 should be preferred, with a convenient and quick delivery. Where there is no any severe pollution, the opened bearings should be preferred; where the cleaning and well lubrication are required, the sealed bearings should be preferred. There are many bearing cage structures for selection, which are used to space evenly the rolling elements and prevent the friction from their mutual contacts. The common cage structures include overall “Crown”, overall circular pockets, wire ring form, teflon spacers, isolation balls and so on.
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Radial open C-type
Type C - Opened Thin Section Radial Contact Ball Bearings
Type C - Thin section radial contact ball bearings were designed to save space, lower the overall weight of your designs, dramatically reduce friction, and provide excellent running accuracy ect.
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Angular open A-type
Type A - Opened Thin Section Angular Contact Ball Bearings
The difference between Type A - thin section angular contact ball bearings and standard angular contact ball bearings is the cross section dimension was designed to be single, the cross section bearings and standard dimension are unchangeable in a series.
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4 point contact X-type
Type X - Opened Thin Section Four Point Contact Ball Bearings
Type X-Thin section four point contact ball bearings are unique in that their extremely thin cross section enables them to provide great size and weight reductions for light to medium duty applications with slow or intermittent rotation.
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Sealed type C bearing
Type C- Sealed Thin Section Radial Contact Ball Bearings
J: Double Sealed. Nitrile rubber with Steel skeleton, Rings and Steel Balls with material GCr15
H: Single Sealed. Nitrile rubber with Steal Skeleton, Rings and Steel balls with material GCr15
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Type X - Sealed Thin Section Four Point Contact Ball Bearings
Thin-section sealed four-point contact ball bearing is also designed for mounting sealing device on both sides on the basis of thin-section four-point contact ball bearing. We have many options for the structural form of the sealing device. The speed is l
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metric thin section bearing
MM Metric Series Thin Section Bearings
Offer the reali slim MM series of bearings, these bearings are offered in cross section of 8, 13, and 20mm, with bore diameters ranging from 20mm to 360mm and with many of the same options found on standard thin section bearings
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