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Industrial robot bearings-Thin-section crossed roller bearing
Industrial robot bearing mainly include two categories: one is the cross- thin- section bearings, another one is a cross cylindrical roller bearings. In addition, there are harmonic reducer bearings, linear roller bearings, spherical plain bearings. Suitable for industrial robot joints or rotating parts, rotary table machining centers, robots rotating unit, precision rotary tables, medical equipment.

CHG Thin section bearings are often designed into robot arm joints due to their light weight , space saving designs and high-speed capability. This product is compared to traditional ball bearing designs. Depending upon the cross section required, increasing bore options are available while maintaining the desired cross section dimension. High levels of stiffness are achieved with our bearings while also maintaining minimal radial runout.

CHG Cross roller bearings are widely used in industrial robots for waist rotation, joint robot shoulders, arms, wrists and other rotating parts due to their light composite structure, high rotation precision, good rigidity and stable friction torque.

Whichever design you require, we are happy to assist with a number of different robotic applications across a variety of industries.
Bearing Structure Application
Thin section ball bearing Thin section four point contact ball bearing
Thin section anguldr contact ball bearing
Thin section radial contact ball ball bearing
Robot joints
Thin section crossed roller bearing Integrated inner/outer ring type
Integrated inner ring with split outer ring type
Integrated outer ring with split inner ring type
Manipulators,swiveling units of robots
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