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Bearing design
We have a team of engineers with more than 30 years of professional bearing experience to serve you. You only need to provide some parameters, such as bearing size, working conditions (temperature, load, load capacity), required accuracy, speed, etc., we can design or custom made bearing according to your requests. If necessary, please contact us to send you a Investigation Form of Bearing Operating Conditions.
Bearing inspection
Our company sets detailed inspection rules according to different requirements, and generates key model checklists (including all new products from old customers, products submitted by new factories, and customers purchasing products cyclically) according to the rules. All products are strictly implemented according to requirements. Each bearing will be 100% quality-tested, such as hardness, roughness, flaw detection, elemental analysis, metallographic analysis, and size requirements, to ensure that 100% qualified products are provided. Specific testing process on right:

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Bearing failure analysis
CHG has professional testing tools and rich practical experience to test and analyze various bearing performance parameters, and perform dimensional inspection by using a video microscope, including roundness, raceway radius and surface roughness (Ra), hardness, torque and digital noise / Vibration, we can analyze the failure of your bearings, be able to isolate and identify the root cause of early failures, and guide customers to take preventive measures. If you would like CHG to help determine why any of your bearings have failed to meet your performance or life expectancy expectations, please contact us

Fatigue Failure-Usually characterized by spalling or flaking of the raceway. Fatigue failure refers to the fatigue failure of the material caused by the alternating working stress of the bearing working surface. Contact fatigue spalling occurs on the bearing working surface, which is often accompanied by fatigue cracks. It first occurs from the maximum alternating shear stress below the contact surface, and then expands to the surface to form different spalling shapes.
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