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CHG Bearing developed new product-large sizes tapered rollers

Dec 06, 2023

Recently, CHG Bearing successfully developed super-large tapered roller and successfully passed the customer's on-site acceptance.

In mid-October, CHG Bearing received a trial order for processing model FD-306/3250/P5/04 rollers. This wind turbine rolling element TRB sizes Φ132*370mm,  weight 33.7kg, is the largest and most difficult roller currently in production. , suitable for main shaft bearings of the largest wind power equipment at present.

After receiving the production task. CHG Bearing production department, technical department, quality assurance department, and roller workshop to hold a special meeting to predict the difficulties in the processing process in advance and formulate detailed production plans for tooling, fixtures, and inspection tools. All the persons in charge fully cooperated and worked in a tacit understanding, overcoming many processing difficulties such as the machine tool not being able to move and the inspection instrument having insufficient measuring range.

During the research and development process, the customer's technical drawings required that the three points of the busbar length apex, the maximum measurement point and the maximum chamfer axial coordinate completely coincide. Due to the deviation of the machine tool itself during the processing process, it is difficult to ensure that the three points fully meet the customer's technical requirements. . The technical department modifies the processing parameters again and again based on the test results of trial processing. The roller workshop re-adjusts the machine tools, dresses the grinding wheels and re-processes them again and again according to the parameters modified by the technical department. After repeated adjustments and trials, the three points were finally perfectly coincident, and the processed contour graphics were superior to those of its peers.

The product successfully passed the customer acceptance.

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