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CHG Bearing's Chief Technical Engineer's Customer Service Journey

Apr 23, 2024
In the field of bearing manufacturing, CHG Bearing has won wide recognition from customers for its high quality products and professional services. CHG Bearing's products cover rolling mill bearings, thin section bearings, precision ball bearings, slewing bearings, crossed roller bearings and large rolling elements, etc. Each of them carries our pursuit of quality and technological innovation.

In order to enable our customers to better understand and use the bearings, our chief technical engineer often travels to our cooperative customers' companies in person to conduct training on bearing-related technologies. He is not only the leader of the technical team, but also the technical expert in the hearts of customers. During the training, he explains the working principle of bearings and key technologies such as selection, installation, maintenance, etc. in an in-depth manner, combining the product characteristics and customer needs, to ensure that customers can truly grasp the core knowledge of bearings.

In addition to technical training, the chief technical engineer also pays great attention to communication with customers. He listens to customers' opinions and suggestions, gives solutions quickly to problems in use, and provides personalized technical support. At the same time, he also shares the company's successful cases and innovative practices in the field of bearings, which inspires customers to innovate and promotes closer cooperation between the two sides.

Our company knows that technical training is not only a process of transferring knowledge, but also an opportunity to show our strength and service attitude. Therefore, we constantly update the training content to ensure that our customers master the latest bearing technology, and track and evaluate the training effect to continuously improve our services and enhance customer satisfaction.

In the future, we will continue to adhere to the concept of "customer-centered", and constantly improve the level and quality of technical training to provide customers with better service. We believe that through the joint efforts of both parties, we will be able to create a more brilliant future!

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