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CHG Mid-Year Group Building Trip - Taihang Grand Canyon Trip

Jul 20, 2023
 In the midst of busy work, we need to relax and release stress. In order to improve the communication and cooperation between colleagues, we organized a unique mid-year group building activity in July. This time, we chose the Taihang Grand Canyon in Anyang City, Henan Province, China as the destination. Let's go into this passionate nature and feel the team cohesion and personal growth.

1. Introduction of the destination

Taihang Grand Canyon is one of the famous tourist attractions in northern China and is known as the "First Canyon in North China". It is located in Anyang City, belonging to the lower part of Taihang Mountains, with a total length of more than 50 kilometers. It is a place of beautiful mountains and scenery, with spectacular canyon landscapes and rich and diversified natural resources.

2. Activity Arrangement

In order to let every employee fully participate and experience different fun, we have prepared a hiking adventure activity, along the way to enjoy the magnificent mountains and rivers scenery, feel the charm of nature, and at the same time exercise the body and teamwork ability.

3. Significance of Reunion

Mid-year reunion activities are crucial to the development of a department and the growth of employees. It can not only enhance the emotional communication between colleagues, but also improve team cohesion and cooperation ability.

First of all, through activities such as hiking adventure and team development, employees will face various challenges and difficulties. By working together to solve problems, they will understand each other better, trust each other, and form a tight group consciousness.

Secondly, this group building activity is also an opportunity to relax and release pressure. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoying food and laughter in nature can help employees fully relax and readjust their state.

4. Conclusion

It will be an unforgettable and meaningful journey for the departmental staff to organize a group building to Taihang Grand Canyon in Anyang in the middle of the year. We believe that everyone can find their own happiness and growth in this passionate nature.

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