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CHG Bearing: A New product of super large high-end rollers successfully delivery

Oct 08, 2020
 Recently, Luoyang Huigong bearing technology Co.,Ltd developed and manufactured a new  Bearing's part product super-large high-end roller, and successfully passed the customer acceptance. This roller is the largest wind power tapered roller produced by our company at present. The roller size is φ103.15mm*140mm, and it weighs 8KG. It is used for 5MW wind power main shaft bearings.

The accuracy of the bearings rollers product can reach level 1 of the national standard, the bus bar has realized a logarithmic curve, and the end face runout is within 0.006mm, which is much higher than the 0 level standard in the current national standard GB/T25767-2010, and the convexity value deviation of each measurement point is controlled within ± Within 0.001mm, the SR deviation of the spherical base surface can be controlled within 2%, which accurately ensures the formation of sufficient hydrodynamic lubrication conditions between the roller and the bearing ribs, and improves the reliable guarantee for prolonging the service life of the bearing.

Due to the heavy weight and high precision of this bearing rollers product, the R&D personnel overcome the production difficulties in the process of tooling, testing, loading and unloading during the development, and after the unremitting efforts of the team, the product finally fully meets the process standard requirements. The successful research and development of this extra-large roller for bearings further enriches the company's roller varieties and enhances the influence of the CHG brand.

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