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CHG bearing chief engineer guides customers bearing installation

Jun 06, 2024

Four rows cylindrical roller bearings FC4058192 and angular contact ball bearings 7038ACP5/DB

In today's industrial field, bearings as the core components of mechanical equipment, its installation and use of professional and accurate technology directly affects the life of the equipment and the use of the effect. In order to meet the demand of customers for high-quality bearing products and professional technical services, CHG Bearing has been committed to providing customers with a full range of after-sales service and technical guidance.

Recently, CHG Bearing dispatched a team of experienced engineers to the customer's factory to provide detailed technical guidance on the installation and use of rolling mill bearings. This action not only shows the depth of care for customers, but also highlights the professional and efficient after-sales service system.

First, professional team, accurate guidance

The engineer team of CHG Bearing are all elites who have been strictly selected and professionally trained. They have rich experience in bearing installation and use, and can accurately judge and solve the problems encountered by customers in actual operation. In the customer's factory, the engineers firstly checked the model and specification of the rolling mill bearings in detail to ensure that they matched perfectly with the equipment. Subsequently, they explained in detail the installation steps of the bearings, precautions and daily maintenance methods to ensure that customers can master.

Second, tailor-made, full tracking

CHG Bearing knows that each customer's needs are unique. Therefore, when providing technical services, engineers will tailor-made technical guidance programme according to the actual situation of customers. From the selection of bearings, installation to commissioning, maintenance, engineers will track the whole process to ensure that each step is in line with the standard, to meet customer needs.

Then, Continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence

CHG bearings have always been adhering to the ‘customer first, quality first’ principle, and constantly pursue excellence in service quality. In the process of technical service, engineers will actively collect customer feedback, improve the problem to ensure that the next service is more perfect. In addition, CHG Bearing will organise regular internal training to improve the professional skills and service level of the engineer team.

Four, all-round service, worry-free protection

In addition to on-site technical guidance, CHG Bearing also provides customers with a series of all-round after-sales service. Including regular testing, fault diagnosis, maintenance and replacement of bearings. No matter what kind of problems customers encounter, CHG bearings are able to respond quickly and solve them in time to ensure that the customer's equipment is always kept in the best state.

Five, win-win co-operation, create the future together

CHG Bearing knows that the cooperation with customers is long-term and mutually beneficial. Therefore, when providing technical services, engineers not only focus on product performance and quality, but also pay more attention to customer needs and expectations. They will actively communicate with customers and discuss solutions together to achieve mutual development.

In a word, CHG Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. has won wide praise and trust from customers for its professional, efficient and comprehensive after-sales service and technical guidance. In the future, CHG Bearing will continue to uphold the principle of ‘customer first, quality first’, and constantly improve the quality of service and technology to create greater value for customers.

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