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Large size cylindrical roller bearings NN48/750 size 750X920X170mm

Nov 03, 2020
 The large NN series double row cylindrical roller bearings that we have produced and processed for our customers have been completed. The size of the bearing NN48/750 is 750X920X170mm. The customer ordered 10 sets for their equipment. The customer is very satisfied with the quality of the bearings we previously provided. The 10 sets of this time are also used for inventory stocking.

A. Standard single row cylindrical roller bearings are classified according to the different ring rib structure:

The outer ring of the N-type bearing has no ribs. Double ribs on the inner ring

NU type bearing has no ribs on the inner ring and double ribs on the outer ring

N-type or NU-type bearings can allow the shaft to make bidirectional axial displacement relative to the bearing housing within a certain range, so they are suitable for non-locating bearings.

B. Double-row cylindrical roller bearings have two structures: cylindrical bore and conical bore. This type of bearing has the advantages of compact structure, high rigidity, large carrying capacity, and small deformation after being loaded. It is especially suitable for machine tool spindles. To

The structural feature of NN type bearings is that the inner ring has double ribs and the outer ring has no ribs.

NNU type bearings have double ribs on the outer ring and no ribs on the inner ring

These two types of bearings do not limit the relative axial displacement between the shaft and the housing, and are suitable for non-locating bearings. The cage of this type of bearing mostly adopts a car-made solid cage.

C. FC type or FCD type four-row cylindrical roller bearings are used in heavy machinery such as cold and hot rolling mills and billeting machines. The bearings are separated. The bearing rings and rolling element components can be easily separated. The bearings are cleaned and inspected. It is easy to disassemble and assemble.

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