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Batch orders Thin section Bearings HKA110C Delivery

Dec 15, 2020
 Last week, we have completed the batch orders of thin section bearings HKA110C for three consecutive years of foreign customers on time. The staff are busy packing and shipping these few days. We normally supply customers with a batch of thin bearings every 3-6 months. About 500 sets. This customer is our long-term partner, not only very satisfied with the quality of our bearings, but also very recognized by our sales service. Customers have visited our factory several times and have 100% trust in our company's overall strength and processing capabilities. From the initial trial order to the thousands of batch orders every year, it fully demonstrates the reputation of our thin-walled bearings at home and abroad. During this period, our thin section bearings have been used on customers' equipment. The effect is very significant, helping customers to open To gain more of their end customers’ market, we have already received customers’ bulk booking orders for the next year. At the end of 2020, our production arrangements will be put into production, and the processing process of the production workshop will never stop. The frontline staff of CHG Bearing are always You serve.


CHG Bearing is not only a leader in the rolling mill bearing industry, but also an outstanding one in thin section bearings. We will not only carry forward the advantages of rolling mill bearing manufacturing that has more than 20 years, but also expand the production scale of thin-walled bearings. The thin section bearing production line is about to be in place. Senior experts with more than 10 years of thin section bearing experience are always at your service. We will do 100% care for your every order.





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