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2020 marketers learning and summary sharing session

Jan 11, 2021
 On January 7, Huigong Bearing Sales Department held a monthly learning and training sharing meeting for all marketing staff, General manager Liu attended this meeting and made some requests for everyone.

In 2020, under the severe market situation of the new crown epidemic, everyone overcame difficulties and made unremitting efforts, and finally successfully completed the annual marketing target issued by the 20 companies one month in advance, and the double targets of contract and payment were successfully achieved. At the same time, Sales Manager Cao reported on the problems and deficiencies in the work in 2020, and made arrangements for the launch of the marketing work this year.

Finally, through this learning and sharing session, continue to maintain the passion for running, establish a sense of crisis, meet the challenges of the new year's marketing work with high morale, and take practical actions to ensure the completion of the marketing tasks in January, and create favorable conditions for the start of marketing in 2021!

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