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safe production:Strengthen the awareness of prevention

Apr 22, 2021
 Recently, in order to further strengthen the safety awareness of front-line employees, Luoyang Huigong Bearing carried out a two-day safety education activity of "taking cases as a mirror and using cases to promote reform".

During the event, the safety personnel of Luoyang Huigong Bearings first explained the accident cases using the exhibition board, and carefully analyzed the cause of the accident, the course of the accident and the serious consequences of the accident, and reminded everyone to keep a clear mind at all times. Subsequently, the safety officer combined the daily inspections as the entry point, emphasized the importance of hidden danger investigation, and emphasized the daily safety knowledge and operating procedures. Finally, in the form of interactive communication, according to their respective positions, everyone deeply reflected on their own unsafe behaviors at work.

Through this special event, everyone said that in the future work, they will strictly abide by various rules and regulations, resolutely overcome fluke and paralysis, and strive to create a good safety production atmosphere to ensure that the company's safe production and operation work is carried out steadily.
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The heavy snow came as promised, covering the earth with a thick layer of silver. Despite the cold weather, our colleagues started the battle of clearing snow without hesitation. Some of them picked up shovels, some picked up snow shovels, and some colleagues even picked up dustpans. They did not flinch at all and had only one goal, which was to clear a safe passage as soon as possible to ensure everyone's safety.
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