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CHG bearings add robot equipment to improve production efficiency

Dec 30, 2021
 Since the beginning of this year, Luoyang Huigong Bearing (CHG)has increased the automation upgrade of its production line. At present, several robots are officially launched online, realizing automated operations that replace manual labor with robots.

The traditional processing mode of CHG is that one employee operates one machine tool or two machine tools. Now that the robot is online instead of manual work, the employee only needs to enter the program instructions, and the robot will accurately position the bearing roller according to the program instructions and automatically align the rollers. Carrying out fixed-point grabbing, completing loading and unloading, etc., to achieve efficient and orderly connection during the entire processing process, without manual operation.

With the company's next investment in automation equipment and technological upgrading, CHG production site will realize many different types of robot operations, which will further enhance the company's production capacity and processing efficiency.


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