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Welcome Singapore Customers To Visit Our Factory

Nov 25, 2019
On the afternoon of September 23, our company held a meeting and decided to start the project and develop spiral roller bearings for continuous casting machines. The meeting was hosted by General Jiao, General Liu, sales department, production department, technical department and our customer Mr Guo participated.
The spiral roller bearing is made of spring steel suitable for high temperature operation. It is mainly used in the continuous casting machine. The spring steel has good elasticity, so it is easy to install. The inner ring can be installed in any position by means of two hook wrenches. The internal tension of the inner ring enables it to be fastened to the shaft. The processing tolerance range of the elastic material is large, which greatly reduces the processing cost of the inner ring. The spiral bearings are durable and have little effect from dirt, iron filings, water and weak acid formed by falling iron powder and water. The spiral bearings of this structure are capable of rolling the dirt and foreign matter into the spiral gap of the spiral by rolling. This keeps the moving surface of the bearing clean while rotating.
At present, such this spiral bearings mainly rely on imports, and the market prospect is huge. The development of this product is of great significance to the sustainable development of our company. So through this meeting discussed and decided that the R&D project will be led by the technical department. General Zou is responsible for leading the R&D team to formulate various tooling required for processing and processing. The production department will focus on organizing and rationally scheduling production; the sales department will do the docking work to ensure delivery before November 20th.

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