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CHG Bearing: Snow clearing

Jan 16, 2024
In the twelfth lunar month of winter, heavy snow falls, and the whole world is covered with white snowflakes. On days like this, people often choose to stay at home and enjoy the warmth. However, in our company, a group of people chose to step out of the warm office and clear the snow together.

The heavy snow came as promised, covering the earth with a thick layer of silver. Despite the cold weather, our colleagues started the battle of clearing snow without hesitation. Some of them picked up shovels, some picked up snow shovels, and some colleagues even picked up dustpans. They did not flinch at all and had only one goal, which was to clear a safe passage as soon as possible to ensure everyone's safety.

Their figures sweeping the snow looked particularly determined in the cold wind. They waved their brooms with smiles on their faces. It was the joy of labor, the power of unity, and the warmth of the world.

This snow clearing operation not only cleared the snow on the company's roads, but also cleared the coldness in people's hearts. The actions of our colleagues made us deeply feel that in the face of difficulties, as long as we work together, nothing can stop us from moving forward.

Let us pay tribute to these colleagues who stick to their posts and contribute silently in the ice and snow! They used practical actions to explain what responsibility, unity and dedication are. They are our role models and their spirit will always inspire us to move forward.

In this cold winter, we feel extremely warm because of them. Let us praise them together and applaud their spirit!

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