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CHG Bearing - Technical training about the rolling mill bearing to customer

Sep 07, 2023
Recently, CHG Bearing's Chief Technical Engineer, Mr. He, went to the customer's company to conduct a technical training, which was aimed at helping the customer to better understand and master the installation and use of our bearings, so as to improve their working level and efficiency.

The training took place in the meeting room of the customer company . Through detailed explanation and practical demonstration, Chief Engineer He explained the structure of rolling mill bearings, principles of bearing fit, installation and use, failure analysis of rolling mill bearings and effective measures to reduce bearing consumption. It gives customers a deeper understanding of the functions, characteristics, usage and precautions of rolling mill bearings.

The training content mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Product function introduction: Chief Engineer He firstly made a detailed introduction to the functions of the bearings, including the main modules of the bearings, functional features and usage.

2. Demonstration of product operation: Chief Engineer He showed customers the use of bearings through the actual operation of the demonstration of the use of processes and operating methods, and for the customer's questions were answered in detail.

3. Analysis of common problems: Chief Engineer He estimated the problems that customers may encounter in the process of using bearings in advance, and gave the corresponding solutions and treatment methods, so that customers can quickly solve the problems encountered in the actual use.

Through this training, the customer not only has a more in-depth understanding of the mill bearings, but also mastered the use of mill bearings and operation skills, which will help improve the customer's work efficiency and business level.

This training also allowed us to understand more deeply the customer's needs and concerns, which provided a more accurate direction and reference for the future development and service of bearings.

All in all, the technical training was very successful and valuable, laying a solid foundation for the long-term cooperation and development of both parties.

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