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Luoyang City - The Bearing Center of China, has successfully created a set of 8-meter-diameter main bearings for the tunnel boring machine (TBM)

Dec 22, 2022
---The large rollers applied in the main bearings are supplied by CHG factory


                                                   (Arranged by Institute of Metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

China CCTV recently reported a news about the reception ceremony about 8-meter diameter main bearings, which are applied in the tunnel boring machine (TBM). Several members of the Academy of Sciences with highest honors have attended this ceremony.


The Tunnel boring machine (TBM) is a large-scale engineering machine used in large infrastructure projects. Such as highway tunnels, railway tunnels, and sub-sea tunnels. The environment in the tunnelling work is very harsh. It is faced with large dust and various wet geological layers, such as soft soil bottoms, rock formations, etc. The environment is very unfavourable for the equipment. Thus the technical requirement on main bearings adopted will be more strict.

CHG/LYHG Bearing Factory, is leading in the large rolling mill bearing rollers and large wind power bearing rollers industry in recent years, has won a great reputation and deep recognition.

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