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CHG Bearing:Conduct contract management legal knowledge training

Jan 18, 2024
 Recently, the company carried out special training on contract management legal knowledge. More than 30 people from the company's marketing center, production support department, enterprise management department and related business personnel participated in the training.                  

This training was taught by the company’s legal advisor, Lawyer Zhao from Beijing Bank of China Luoyang Law Firm. The theme of the training is: standardizing several issues of concern to both parties in contract management. Attorney Zhao narrated 6 internal and external cases, combined with the actual work and business dealings, gave an in-depth and simple explanation around the basic structure of the contract, and elaborated on the key points and measures of legal risk prevention and control in the drafting, review, signing and performance of the contract. Through the interpretation of typical contract cases, key reminders were given on common issues and precautions in contract review and signing.


Finally, the company's chairman Jiao Shaoqin made a speech and made requirements for the training personnel. It is required that through this training, the key points of risk management and control should be combined with actual work, the legal awareness and risk prevention awareness at work should be improved, and the ability to standardize contracts and perform contract performance management should be enhanced.

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