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The garden-style bearing factory is waiting for you

Sep 22, 2020
 Luoyang Huigong Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the path of green and sustainable development and built a garden-like factory. Approaching the Mid-Autumn Festival when entering the factory area, you can see the green bamboo leaves, verdant vegetation and pleasant environment everywhere.

In recent years, the company has continuously increased its capital investment, eliminated a batch of old equipment, and added a batch of advanced low-energy and high-efficiency automation equipment (roller production lines, heat treatment equipment, packaging machines, etc.), which greatly improved the company’s hardware strength and provided employees Created a good working environment.

At the same time, the company continues to green the plant environment. Laying lawns, planting camphor, privet, osmanthus, begonia, pomegranate and other flowers and trees, building garden-style factories, and creating a green and comfortable factory environment. At present, the green area accounts for more than 40% of the plant area, forming a beautiful scenery of "spring flowers, summer green, autumn fruits, and winter leaves".

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