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CHG Bearings: Strengthen on-site management and enhance corporate image!

Sep 15, 2020
 Luoyang Huigong Bearing Technology Co.,Ltd aims to create a good working atmosphere, improve the overall quality of all employees, and develop good working habits. After the August "Safety Month", CHG Bearing launched the "Strengthening Site Management and Enhance Corporate Image" activities.

1. The company improves and develops a precise 6S management appraisal system based on its actual situation to enhance employees' 6S management awareness. Focus on the big picture, start from the small, pay attention to every detail in the work, and cultivate employees' sense of responsibility; change employees' perceptions from the ideological level, and change the mental outlook of the workshop and employees with practical actions.

2. Employees actively cooperate with the company's various tasks, organize and rectify their respective working areas, comprehensively clean up the cleaning equipment and regional sanitary corners, and clean up redundant items. The work site strictly implements the 6S fixed management regulations, and all items are clearly marked, according to regional specifications. Put the order in place.

3. Organize daily safety and health inspections and announce the inspection results in a timely manner. For the non-conformities found out, the relevant workshops are required to make rectification within a time limit and implement the rectification results, and never evasive.

4. Each workshop organizes employees to carry out workshop evaluations, and conducts a comprehensive inspection of the on-site management work of each workshop based on the "6S" management system, and mobilizes the enthusiasm of employees by issuing mobile red flags to improve team cohesion.

Through this measure, all employees participate together, enhance teamwork spirit and self-management awareness, and enable everyone to develop good habits in accordance with standards and rules. It has laid a good foundation for the company to create a warm, safe and comfortable working environment, and takes the opportunity of strengthening 6S management to create a new image of CHG Bearing!


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