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CHG successfully developed encoder bearings for customers

Sep 08, 2020
 Recently, Luoyang Huigong Bearing technolog Co.,Ltd customized and developed the two new encoder bearings JNK-2A and JNK-8A according to customer needs,  After several months of research and development and production, the encoder bearings was successfully delivered to customers and was recognized. This product is used in encoders, CNC machine tools and precision measuring equipment.

Encoders are composed of robots to heavy industrial machinery, and optical encoders are a key component in motion control. Choosing the right bearing for the encoder is an important design consideration for improving performance and service life. This decision requires technical engineers to consider many variables, including load, shock, vibration, accuracy requirements and environmental conditions. Although the speed requirements are not high, the structure is complex, and the shape and position accuracy requirements are relatively high. A high level of mechanical and electrical stability is an essential function of encoder accuracy. Without this stability, the disc mode will be distorted and the resulting signal will be inaccurate. In order to avoid the transition error of the encoder due to jitter and eccentricity, the bearing needs to maintain the precise rotation of the disc. In terms of accuracy, although design decisions are crucial, it should be noted that reducing the variability in the encoder manufacturing process also plays a key role.

Many domestic users have imported encoders. These encoders are imported with the equipment and need to be maintained. However, imported encoders are expensive and have a long delivery cycle. The project aims to develop bearings that meet customer needs, realize domestic encoders to replace imported encoders, and lay the foundation for our company to occupy the market share of encoder bearings.

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