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Sales Department of Huigong Bearing Hold Group Building Activities

Jul 13, 2020
 In the first half of the 2020year, the sales department of Luoyang Huigong Bearing Technology Co.,Ltd achieved planned annual goal of "over half of the time and half of the tasks." In order to express the hard work in the past and encouragement in the future of every colleague , to better promote and implement the construction of corporate culture, enhance the sense of belonging and teamwork of employees, and meet the needs of all employees for a better life, our company CHG sell department organized a tourism group building activity on July 3rd-4th - Luanchuan Yiheyuan scenic outdoor group building.

This tour group building activity not only enhances the friendship between colleagues and allows employees to experience the fun of sports, but also gives employees the confidence to work with challenges and overcome difficulties, in order to promote employees to better participate in the company Construction and development have played their due role; at the same time, the team building has strengthened the sales team's will to unite and work hard together. In the second half of the year, we will set sail to the wind and waves, which has laid a more For a solid foundation!

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