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LuoYang Huigong Bearing win the honorary title of the grassroots trade union demonstration site

Jun 08, 2020
On May 26, 2020, the Luolong District Federation of Trade Unions organized the first four committee (expanded) meetings, and LuoYangHuigong Bearing Technology Co.,Ltd won the two honors of the 2019 municipal grassroots union standardized construction demonstration site and the 2019 advanced individual of the union work.

The chairman of the labor union, Zhang Angang, representing Huigong Bearing and advanced individuals attended the meeting and took the stage to receive awards and speak.

He pointed out: Under the correct leadership of the Luolong District Federation of Trade Unions and Luolong High-tech Zone Federation of Trade Unions, the company’s trade unions earnestly implemented laws such as the "Trade Union Law", "Labor Law", "Labor Contract Law" and "Regulations on Enterprise Trade Union Work" Laws and regulations, fully perform trade union duties, actively build a harmonious production work environment, and strive to do good and practical things for employees. Let employees feel the same warmth as their homes, give full play to the reform and development of enterprises, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees, and the work of trade unions has achieved initial results. This year, the economic development situation is still grim. We will cherish this honor, stand on the post, make persistent efforts, focus on the basic responsibilities of the trade union, adopt a variety of scientific methods, strengthen the foundation of the trade union, further ensure the effective function of the trade union organization, protect and mobilize the enthusiasm of the employees, and make new contributions to the company's development .
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