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Large size rollers are used for wind power bearings

Jul 28, 2021
 Recently, Luoyang Huigong Bearing has successfully developed another super-large high-end roller, and successfully passed the customer's on-site acceptance.

This roller is the largest wind power tapered roller produced by our company at present. The outer diameter of the roller is 133.85mm, the length is 154.2mm, and the net weight of a single particle is 15.44KG. It is used for 7MW wind power main shaft bearings.
The accuracy of the roller can reach level 1 of the national standard, the bus bar has realized a logarithmic curve, roundness 0.002mm, taper 0.002mm, coaxiality (wall thickness difference) 0.06mm, and the convexity deviation of each measuring point is controlled within ±0.001mm Inside, the ball base surface jumps within 0.004mm, and the ball base surface SR deviation can be controlled within 1%.

The pillar hole of this product needs deep hole processing, and the roller weighs 15.44kg, which needs to overcome the production difficulties of the machine tool during processing, such as rotation speed, grasping, and inspection. After the unremitting efforts of the team, the product finally fully meets the requirements of the process standards.

The successful research and development of this super large roller once again demonstrated that Huigong Bearing has strong technical reserves and research and development capabilities in high-end large rollers, which further enhances the influence of the CHG brand.

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