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CHG advanced heat treatment equipment officially put into production

Nov 16, 2021
 Recently, Luoyang Huigong Bearing's newly installed bearing roller pusher furnace carburizing and quenching production line and roller hearth furnace secondary quenching production line have been officially put into production. The monthly output of the carburizing and quenching line is 150 tons, and the monthly output of the secondary quenching line is 260 tons.


The production line adopts Aichelin heat treatment technology, which is used to treat carburizing steel and other materials of bearing and rolling element carburization + oil quenching + high temperature tempering + secondary heating salt bath quenching, or austenite of high carbon chromium bearing steel Body heating + salt bath quenching + low temperature tempering process.


Through the central computer control system, the entire production line connects each relatively independent unit equipment to complete feeding, pre-cleaning, pre-oxidation, heating, carburizing, diffusion, cooling, quenching, post-cleaning, tempering, secondary heating, Quenching, air cooling, cleaning, post-cooling, tempering, unloading and other production processes.


This line has a high level of informatization and intelligence, and the entire production process of the product can be traced from the record, reducing the impact of human factors on the quality of the heat treatment process. The operation process is displayed in animation, all automatic conditions, process parameters, etc. are visualized, and equipped with advanced environmental protection purification devices, the production process is green and environmentally friendly.

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