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Sprint production boom in the fourth quarter

Oct 22, 2021
 In order to ensure the smooth realization of the company's established goals at the beginning of the year, in early October, Luoyang Huigong Bearing launched a labor competition with the theme of "decisive battle in the fourth quarter, achieving new breakthroughs" throughout the company. The main content of this competition is safety production, team spirit, quality and efficiency of the competition, and operating profit of the competition.
Based on actual production conditions, the company formulates activity plans, specific measures, and assessment methods, and selects winning workshops, team leaders and individuals on a monthly basis for notification and rewards. After the notice was issued, all staff took action and entered a wartime state, and the final battle of the fourth quarter of the sprint kicked off in an all-round way. Create a strong atmosphere for the event through electronic screens, huigongbao, banners, etc. Focusing on the task and objectives, we have entered the sprint stage in an all-round way. Functional units such as supply, outsourcing, quality, safety and environmental protection, and logistics provide all-round service guarantees for production and operation, and quickly set off a full-scale production boom in the fourth quarter.
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CHG Bearing-Marketing center study meeting
Feb 22, 2024
At the beginning of the new year, Mr. Liu, the company's executive vice president, organized a two-day training for all staff of the marketing center. Everyone studied together, and everyone expressed their feelings about the knowledge they learned based on their daily work. Everyone spoke freely, brainstormed, and had a collision of ideas and knowledge, which deepened their understanding and memory of the knowledge they had learned.
CHG Bearing: Chief technical engineer provides technical guidance to customers on site
Jan 30, 2024
Chief Engineer He of CHG Bearing arrived at the customer's company and provided technical guidance on bearing installation and use to the customer on site.
CHG Bearing:Conduct contract management legal knowledge training
Jan 18, 2024
Recently, the company carried out special training on contract management legal knowledge. More than 30 people from the company's marketing center, production support department, enterprise management department and related business personnel participated in the training.
CHG Bearing: Snow clearing
Jan 16, 2024
The heavy snow came as promised, covering the earth with a thick layer of silver. Despite the cold weather, our colleagues started the battle of clearing snow without hesitation. Some of them picked up shovels, some picked up snow shovels, and some colleagues even picked up dustpans. They did not flinch at all and had only one goal, which was to clear a safe passage as soon as possible to ensure everyone's safety.
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