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CHG large spherical rolling element passed the customer acceptance

Apr 28, 2022
With the rapid development of the wind power industry, in the past two years, the conical and cylindrical lines of our wind power rolling elements have been invested in equipment, and the training of personnel has been mature.
However, Spherical wind power spindle bearing rolling element, less processing experience and more difficult. In mid-February 2022, we will win orders for spherical wind power spindle bearing rolling elements from domestic customers. At the same time, we will invite customers to visit our company. Customers will update our hardware facilities, orderly management on site, and strong technical force. The logarithmic curve profile is recognized.

 In the ultra-finishing process, the ultra-finishing machine without spherical rolling elements is still facing difficulties. It is cooperating with the technical department and the quality assurance department. Next, make the corresponding super-precision tooling, which is manually super-finished by workers, and the finish is within 0.15 to meet the customer's demand for smoothness. According to the technical difficulties proposed, the roller workshop specifies the corresponding quality control for each processing process in combination with the overall technological process. Points and measures to achieve control of process quality and final product quality.
Improve the processing capacity of the equipment through reasonable process arrangements and special processing methods, cooperate with the upper and lower sequences, set quality control points, and complete the inspection of each process. , which has been recognized by customers and laid the foundation for the next cooperation.
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