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CHG Bearing: 2022 Annual Equity Incentive Conference

Apr 14, 2022
 On April 2, Luoyang Huigong Bearing held the 2022 Annual Equity Incentive and Management Upgrade Pledge Conference. Chairman of the company Jiao Shaoqin, general manager Liu Genli, middle and senior employees and core backbones, Huayi Century Company and centripetal consulting counselors attended the meeting .
At the meeting, Liu Genli, general manager of Huigong Bearing, read out the list of equity incentive objects in 2022, and congratulated the newly entered incentive objects. At the same time, Mr. Liu announced a notice on clarifying the authorization of the Centripetal Force project team and the duties of the members of the supervision team, and explained in detail the operation mode of equity incentives in 2022. He also interpreted the plan of the "Execution + On-site 6s + Benefit Improvement" project to ensure the smooth development and successful implementation of the six-month consulting project.
In the end, Mr. Jiao focused on explaining the company's own experience since the equity incentive from three aspects: the change of equity incentive to everyone's income structure, the change in the thinking of equity incentives and the boss's thinking, and led everyone to continue to overcome difficulties in the face of difficulties and problems. , tenacious struggle, proactive, persistent struggle, and act together with the boss to jointly build Huigong's execution culture.
Although the road is long, the journey will come, and although the task is difficult, it can be done! The next Huigong will be stable and far-reaching, and the building of Huigong will be higher and higher.
At the end of the meeting, the company leaders and equity incentive objects took a group photo together.

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