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Leaders of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology visited CHG Bearing for investigation

Feb 24, 2022
 On the morning of February 18, Tao Manxi, director of the Advanced Manufacturing and Automation Technology Division of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Wei Yongjun, deputy director, Liu Yanbin, researcher, etc., Duan Xueguang, deputy director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Yan Shaofei, vice chairman of the Luolong District Political Consultative Conference, Luolong District Science and Technology Bureau Accompanied by Director Sun Zhou and Director of High-tech Zone Management Committee Sun Yaping, they went to Luoyang Huigong Bearing for research work. Liu Genli, general manager of Luoyang Huigong Bearing, and Zhang Angang, deputy general manager of production, were in charge of reception and accompanied the investigation.

   General Manager Liu Genli reported to the members of the research team the current production and operation situation of the company in the conference room, especially some achievements in "specialization, refinement, specialization and innovation" in recent years, and focused on precision thin-walled bearings and large high-end rollers. The localization substitution, technological innovation, and intelligent transformation have been introduced in detail.

Afterwards, members of the research team came to the production line of precision thin-walled bearings and large-scale high-end rollers to learn about the production process, product characteristics, production equipment and production efficiency of the products. The research team hopes that Huigong Bearing will be guided by "specialization, precision, speciality and innovation", give full play to the advantages of the enterprise, continue to be "fine" and "specialized", do a good job in product iteration, and contribute to the development of Luoyang bearing industry

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