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Welcome Mr. Zhang to visit CHG Bearing company

Mar 10, 2022
 On the March 7,2022, Mr Zhang who is Secretary of the Luolong District Party Committee, went to Luoyang Huigong Bearing for investigation work.

  Accompanied by Chairman Mr Jiao, Mr Zhang visited the production line of precision thin section bearings and large-scale high-end rollers, and listened to Chairman Jiao's work report on the company's development goals, business conditions, and automation transformation. During the visit, Mr Zhang learned about the production and processing process of bearings, and had a detailed understanding of the application fields and localization of bearings.


   During the investigation, Mr Zhang affirmed the on-site management and development direction of CHG Bearing. At the same time, he hoped that CHG Bearing will continue to improve its independent innovation capability, lead the company with technology and drive innovation, and drive the company to develop towards high-quality operation, so as to contribute to the realization of localized substitution. corporate power.

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