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Advantages of Modified Double-row Tapered Roller Bearing M268749DW/M268710

Aug 26, 2019
Advantages of Modified Double-row Tapered Roller Bearing M268749DW/M268710
I. Working condition description
1. Maximum speed: 1 rpm (max)
2. Maximum radial load: 7000 KN (max)
3. Lubrication mode: grease lubrication
4. Bearing clearance C2 (small clearance): Because of the heavy load, the speed is low. The radial clearance of C2 group was 0.11-0.21 mm.

II. Variation of Bearing Type
The original design of M268749D/M278710 is double row tapered roller bearing (415.925*590.55*209.55); the modified rear bearing model: NNU415, HG19/415, and the installation dimensions of the bearing before and after the modification are all (_415.925*590.55*224.55).
Advantages of bearing modification:
1. Changing the installation method: the inner diameter of double row tapered roller bearings and the roll neck are fitted through the clearance to carry out sliding propulsion installation; the center line of the two bearings should be the same, so that the bearing box can not be installed on the roll neck (see figure 1); the outer components of double row cylindrical roller bearings and the box body are loaded into the roll simultaneously, which is easy to install and reduces the loading. Roll time, improve labor efficiency (see figure 2).

2. Explanation of improving plate shape by changing grinding support datum face:
(1) Grinding method of roll surface with double row cylindrical roller bearings:
The inner ring of cylindrical roller bearing grinding roll surface based on inner ring raceway becomes rigid component on roll neck through interference fit heat installation, and then the geometric precision of grinding roll surface based on raceway surface is required to be high (small roundness, high hardness, fine smoothness). The geometric precision of grinding roll surface based on inner ring raceway is also required to be high (concentricity, fine smoothness). The roundness can be controlled within 0.02mm and the smoothness can reach 0.4um, which improves the shape and surface quality. It can reduce the number of passes (1-2 times) of the subsequent cold rolling mill. At the same time, the inner ring can protect the roll neck surface from wear and ensure that the diameter of the roll neck is not reduced (see figure 3).
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