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Thin section Bearing Engineering Technology Research Center

May 27, 2020
 Congratulations to CHG for winning the “High Precision Thin section Bearing EngineeringTechnology Research Center in Luoyang city”

Looking back at our company in 2018, there are many tasks worthy of our pride and constant struggle. The high-precision thin-wall bearings that we have been exploring and innovating have also achieved gratifying results.

Luoyang Huigong Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. Under the leadership of the company, thecompany has continuously developed and worked hard to meet the achievements of high-precision thin-section bearings. We have cooperated with many domestic research institutes and academies to develop, design and manufacture high-precision thin-section bearings. To bring customers a batch of high quality, high precision of thin sections bearings, which have won praise and good reputation from customers.

CHG high precision thin section bearing mainly include thin section angular contact ball bearings, thin section radial contact ball bearings, thin section four pointcontact ball bearings, precision ball bearings and crossed cylindrical rollerbearings, crossed tapered roller bearings. Products are widely used inindustrial robots, aerospace, precision medical equipment, radar antennas andoptical equipment etc.

CHG all team will do their best to meet customer’s requirements, from designing, developing and manufacturing to marketing, we will serve every customer with professional and high excellent services.

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