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How to inspect thin section bearings

Jul 12, 2023
1. Inspection items: Inner diameter, Outer diameter, Width, Radial clearance, Axial and radial runout (allowed to be replaced by detecting the difference in wall thickness of the two pieces and the difference in parallelism of the grooves), Contact angle, Starting friction torque, Dynamic friction torque and volatility.

2. Bearing clearance and contact angle:

Bearing radial clearance: A ring fixed, another ring along the radial from a limit position to another limit position of the amount of movement.

Axial clearance of the bearing: One collar is fixed, another collar moves along the axial direction from one limit position to another limit position.

3. Metallographic testing: Testing bearing heat treatment metallographic organization, hardness.

4. Roughness profiler: Detect bearing surface roughness, groove curvature, groove shape error.

Roundness meter: Detect the roundness of bearing rings.

5. Friction torque measuring instrument: Detecting bearing starting torque, dynamic friction torque.

6. Contact Angle Measuring Instrument: Detect the contact angle of angular contact bearing.

7. Projecting amount measuring instrument: Detecting the projecting amount of paired bearings.

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