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How to selection the thin section ball bearing

Jul 05, 2023

 1. The thin section ball bearing include the opened series and sealed series.

Where there is no any severe pollution, the opened bearings should be preferred; Where the cleaning and well lubrication are required, the sealed bearings should be preferred.

2. The thin section ball bearing include the deep groove ball bearing(Type C), Angular contact ball bearing(Type A) and four point contact ball bearing(Type X).

Compared with C-type bearing. A-type angular contact ball bearing has an enough radial clearance to form a sufficient contact angle to carry the axial load. The contact angle for the standard bearing is 30°.

Due to its bearing capacity in one direction, the bearing should be installed symmetrically in pairs with other bearing, to set and ensure the contact angle and the smallest axial movement under an alternating axial load.
Compared with A-type and C-type bearings, the feature of X-type four-point contact ball bearings is its groove shape. For C-type bearings, is center of raceway radius is in the center line of balls. For A-type bearings, its raceway and ball is in an angular
contact, the center of raceway radius is deviated from
 the center line of balls and symmetrically distributed around the center line. For X-type bearings, there are 2 centers of raceway radius on each side of the raceway, both of which are deviated from the center line of balls. This structure forms a four point contact between the balls and the raceway of X-type bearings.

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