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Installation instructions for cross rollers bearings

Nov 25, 2019

The cross roller bearing should be mounted with the following steps:

1. Inspection before mounting of the parts:

Wash and clean the bearing base or other mounting parts to remove the dirt and confirm that the burr on the parts has been removed.

2. Mount the bearing into the bearing base or onto the shaft. Because the thin-walled bearing may be mounted tilt, it should be leveled and mounted by beating it evenly with a plastic hammer in the circumferential direction, until that it is contacted fully with the contact surface can be confirmed with the sound.

3. Side pressing flange mounting

(1) Place the side pressing flange in place, and shake it back and forth several times in the circumferential direction, in order to adjust the positions of the mounting bolts.

(2) Mount the pressing bolts. Tighten the bolts manually and make sure there is no deviation for the bolt holes.

(3) The pressing bolts can be tightened progressively and diagonally in 3~4 stages (as shown in the right figure). Slightly rotate the integrated inner or outer ring in the process to correct the two divided parts.

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