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Bearings for Aluminium Steel Casting Rolling Mill

Sep 16, 2022
Aluminium Steel Casting Rolling Mills can be divided into two kinds: cold rolling mills and hot rolling mills. 
You may understand in this way, hot rolling mills are mills that takes molten steel and solidifies it into a “semi-finished” billet, bloom, or slab. And they are widely applied for making rods, metal wires, strip steel and medium-thickness metal sheets. Two-roll rolling mill and four-roll rolling mill are the most common structures of hot rolling mills. If your aluminium or steel factory adopts hot rolling mills, you will need our four-row cylindrical roller bearings, four-row taper roller bearings, deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings and also four point contact ball bearings. For these bearings, CHG factory can produce, design, customize them based on your demands. Mostly, precision requirement on hot rolling mill bearings is not quite high, standard P0 or P2 is enough for application.
While cold rolling mill is to take the finished product produced by hot rolling as raw material, without direct heating, and place it directly on the mill, then roll it to the thickness required by the customer, which is much thinner than the thickness by hot rolling. For example, aluminum foil rolling mill can reach the thickness of 0.005mm, 0.007mm, 0.009mm. Half of the ferrous metal is 0.02mm or so, which mostly depends on the market demands. If your aluminium or steel factory adopts cold rolling mills, you will need bearings such as four-row cylindrical roller bearings, four-row taper roller bearings, deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings and four point contact ball bearings as well, while these bearings are quite different from bearings for hot rolling mills, since as you know, cold casting rolling mill bearings must be able to handle the high temperature and abrasion, and reach specific hardness and precision level. Most cold casting rolling mill owners choose P4 precision level bearings from CHG factory. 
casting rolling mill bearings
For hot casting rolling mill bearings in non-ferrous metal manufacturing industries, FCD88124450/440RV6221, 351988, 3819/560, 540KDH8601, TTSX750, 381080, FCDP180244840/527048, 37088, 23218C/W33, are models chosen mostly by our domestic customers.
For cold casting rolling mill bearings in ferrous metal manufacturing industries, FCDP146206750, FC4872220, FC4460192, FCDP130180650, FC3852168, FC3246168, FC4666170, FC2230120, FCDP110160560,3806/216/P6, FCDP170230840 and etc., are widely equipped in machinery by the end users. 
As for which kind of bearing we should select, it will depend on the working conditions. If your machinery has rigid requirement on high rotating speed, then deep groove ball bearings will be the first choice, secondly, the double/multiple-row cylindrical roller bearings, and double-row angular contact ball bearings and spherical roller bearings.
spherical roller bearings
Beside of the bearing structures, material also matters very much. Due to inner abrasion unavoidable, bearing material for casting rolling mills has to be with properties like high contact fatigue intensity, high hardness, good anti-abrasion ability, good structure stability, high purity level, and high processing performance. Since recent years application of GCr15SiMn is limited for its bad performance in mining machinery, GCr18Mo and GCr15SiMo have been developed to replace GCr15SiMn. While, carburized steel G20Cr2Ni4A is the best choice when it comes to heavy impact load, and carburized steel G20CrNi2Mo is the best choice when it comes to small-medium rolling bearings.
Till 2022 September 13, 2022, according to incomplete statistics, CHG factory’s casting rolling mill bearings output value including OEM production have occupies over 2/3 market in China. Why is that? There is only one reason: QUALITY CONTROL.
Every processing procedure of bearings production can be digitally tracked by customers here. And you will get the most safe quality warranty and service after sales. For more information, please feel free to contact us at any time, our service people and technical team will reply you within 12 hours once we receive your question sheet or inquiry.
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