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Application of Precision Thin Bearings in Encoders | CHG Bearing

Sep 14, 2022
When most people think about encoders, it feels like something very complicated and obscure and difficult to understand. In fact, it exists everywhere. You might find it in almost every machinery in every industry, it operates for motion feedback and motion control. 
In an elevator, encoders tell the controller when the car has reached the correct floor, in the correct position. 
In a printing application, feedback from the encoder activates a print head to create a mark at a specific location.
With a large crane, encoders mounted to a motor shaft provide positioning feedback so the crane knows when to pick up or release its load.
In a cut-to-length application, an encoder with a measuring wheel tells the control device how much material has been fed, so the control device knows when to cut.
On automated assembly lines, encoders give motion feedback to robots. On an automotive assembly line, this might mean ensuring the robotic welding arms have the correct information to weld in the correct locations.
No matter under which kind of application, the process is always same that the encoder generates a count then sends to the controller, the machine will perform a function accordingly.
The different signal resources include: mechanical, magnetic, resistive and optical, while the optical being the most common. In optical sensing, the encoder provides feedback based on the interruption of light.
Application of Precision Thin Bearings in Encoders
For some encoders in some industries, it needs precision thin bearings, or you may call it ultra-slim bearings, to reach the precision requirements.
CHG factory has been one of the leading military classified units and providing high-end P4 precision level ultra-slim thin bearings with equal crossed sections to satellites projects, blood medical equipment, radar systems, and many other machinery industries.
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