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Cylindrical roller bearings from the reliable CHG Bearings manufacturer

Aug 04, 2020
 Cylindrical roller bearings used in various industries manufacturing equipment like Large and medium-sized motors, locomotives and rolling stock, machine tool spindle, internal combustion engines, generators, gas turbines, deceleration box, rolling mill machine, vibrating screen, hoisting as well as conveying machinery, automotive applications, home appliances, industrial equipment, etc.

The advantages of the double-row cylindrical roller bearings are high stiffness and high precision, so they are usually used as main shaft bearings of precision machine tools.

Four row cylindrical roller bearings are especially applied to rolling mills required high speed and precision, for example, wire mills, bar and shape mills, cold or hot sheet mills and cogging mills.

Types of Cylindrical Roller Bearings:

NU Design - Outer ring has two integral flanges, while inner ring had no flange.

N Design - Inner ring has two integral flanges while outer ring has no flange.

NJ Design - Outer ring has two integral flanges and inner ring has one integral flange.

NUP Design - Outer ring has two integral flanges and inner ring had one integral flange & loose flange ring for both side axial locations

The rigidity in carrying radial load in the NNU and NN types make them applicable for machine tool spindles. 

FC, DCD and FCDP type can carry comparatively heave radial load and are mainly applied for mill rolls.

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