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Application of rolling mill bearings

Feb 28, 2024
Application of rolling mill bearings

Rolling mill bearings should be selected according to the type and working characteristics of the rolling mill.

1. Billet opening machine and billet mill: This type of rolling mill generally has a large rolling force and strong impact load, but the speed is not high;

2. Steel beam and section steel rolling mill: This type of rolling mill has relatively large radial and axial rolling forces and high stability requirements;

3. Bar and wire rod rolling mill: The axial load of this type of rolling mill is generally not large, but the rolling speed is high, especially the speed of wire rod rolling mill is higher;

4. Plate rolling mill and wide band rolling mill: The radial force of this type of rolling mill is relatively large, while the axial force is relatively small. The rolling speed is also increasing day by day;

5. Cold rolling mill and cold strip press: The radial force of this type of rolling mill is generally relatively large, the rolling speed is high, and the axial force is relatively small.

According to the characteristics of the rolling mill, four-row tapered roller bearings are mostly used in four-high hot rolling and cold rolling mills, horizontal rolls and vertical rolls of billet mills, billet mills, wide-edge steel beam rolling mills and support rolls of low-speed four-high mills. Four-row cylindrical roller bearings are mostly used in the support rolls of wire rod mills and finishing mills, double-backed roller mills, cold rolling mills, and finishing comprehensive rolling mills. Spherical roller bearings are mostly used in medium rolling speeds and when the roll deflection causes the roll to In case of neck deflection. Generally speaking, four-row cylindrical roller bearings are suitable for support roll bearings used in high-speed and high-precision rolling mills. When work rolls are frequently replaced, four-row tapered roller bearings are mostly used.

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