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Bearing processing and installation process and selection principles

Sep 02, 2020
 Bearing processing and installation process and selection principles

1. Manufacturing process of bearing parts

The inner and outer rings are heat treated after forging or turning

The inner and outer rings are coarsely ground, finely ground, finally ground and then super-finished to the final size

Steel balls and rollers are formed by stamping, heat treatment, and machining

The holding ball is formed by punching and then finishing

2.Bearing assembly process

Various parts are demagnetized and cleaned, then the parts are sorted, grouped, and finally assembled, riveted, packaged and put into storage

Small bearings use automated production, large bearings require manual assembly

The cleanliness of the bearing is below 5μm

3.Principles for selecting bearings

In addition to the above basic working conditions, we may also need to provide you with the most suitable bearing according to your accuracy, clearance, cost, installation and disassembly, sealing, vibration, noise, friction torque and other requirements.

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