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CHG Bearing:How to choose the slewing bearings

Aug 02, 2023
1. The difference between the slewing bearing and other bearings: The slewing bearing is a kind of extra large rolling bearing with high load capacity that can bear combined loads such as axial load, radial load and overturning moment at the same time. The biggest difference between slewing bearings and rolling bearings in the general sense is that they can withstand large eccentric loads (ie overturning moments), and their carrying capacity has a great relationship with the eccentricity of the load.

2. Application of slewing bearings: Slewing bearings are widely used in the slewing devices of large machinery such as hoisting machinery, metallurgical machinery, port machinery, construction machinery, food machinery, medical machinery, and military equipment.

3. Structural features of slewing bearings: Most slewing bearings have mounting holes, lubrication holes, sealing devices, etc. in structure. Therefore, slewing bearings have the characteristics of compact structure, simple installation, and convenient maintenance.

The basic structures of slewing bearings are: four-point contact ball bearings, double-row ball bearings with different diameters, crossed cylindrical roller bearings and three-row cylindrical roller combined bearings.

4. Selection of raw materials: raw materials include 42CrMoT, 42CrMoZ, 50MnT, 50MnZ

T: Indicates that the material should be quenched and tempered.

Z: Indicates that the material should be normalized


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