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What factors need to be considered before bearings purchase?

Aug 10, 2023
When purchasing bearings, we usually don't know how to choose, and worry about buying fake products; worry about substandard quality, or not suitable for use after buying; worry about the lack of guarantee after sale. Before purchasing bearings, the following aspects need to be confirmed:

First, confirm the technical data of the bearing.

1. Select the size according to the space requirement

2. Select the type of bearing according to the load direction, size, nature, speed, whether alignment is required, and rigidity requirements

3. Calculate the bearing load

4. Calculate the approximate life of the bearing. In different working situations, the selected bearing must be able to reach a specified life span.

5. Determine the bearing model

6. Check the load, check the speed

7. Determine the clearance, accuracy, and select preload

CHG Bearing have a professional technical research and development team to help you confirm, and will send drawings to you for confirmation before production.

Second, choose a good supplier.

It is better to choose a factory instead of a trading company, because the factory can better ensure the quality and delivery time, and the factory has a professional technical team and quality assurance team, which can provide assistance from model selection, installation, and use.

In addition, the certification certificate of the supplier company, the industry experience of the team members, and successful cases can all be used to verify the supplier.

CHG Bearing is a bearing manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience in bearing production, a professional technical team, and more than 50 patent certificates. From selection, installation to use, the whole process of video assistance.

Third, pay attention to what is the procurement cycle of this bearing.

Some bearings need to be customized, so generally there will be a production cycle of 1 to 2 months, and transportation also takes time, so the purchase needs to be planned in advance to prevent the time from being too long to delay the use.

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