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What is spherical roller bearings?

Oct 25, 2023
The spherical roller bearing is a bearing with double rows of rollers. Its outer ring has a common spherical raceway, while the inner ring has two raceways. These two raceways are inclined at an angle relative to the bearing axis. of. This unique design structure enables the spherical roller bearing to have self-aligning performance, so it is not easily affected by angular errors between the shaft and the bearing housing or shaft bending. This makes spherical roller bearings particularly suitable for applications where angular errors are caused by installation errors or shaft deflection. In addition to being able to withstand radial loads, spherical roller bearings can also withstand axial loads acting in both directions.

The self-aligning performance of spherical roller bearings may be adversely affected by:

1. Excessive load: When the bearing is subjected to excessive radial or axial load, the contact pressure between the roller and the raceway will increase, which may cause the roller to deform or the raceway to be damaged, thus affecting the self-aligning performance. .

2. High-speed operation: Under high-speed operation, the rollers may deviate from the ideal motion trajectory due to centrifugal force, resulting in a decrease in automatic alignment performance.

3. Poor working environment: If the working environment is harsh, such as the presence of a large amount of dust, water vapor or harmful gases, it may have adverse effects on the operation and automatic alignment performance of the bearing, such as corrosion, wear and other issues.

Spherical roller bearings are widely used in various mechanical equipment, especially under severe working conditions such as heavy load, high speed, vibration and impact, and can exert their unique advantages. The following are some application areas of spherical roller bearings:

1. Metallurgical equipment: Spherical roller bearings are commonly used in metallurgical equipment, such as rolling mills, continuous casting machines, etc., and are subjected to harsh working conditions such as high temperature, heavy load, and impact.

2. Mining equipment: Crusher, vibrating screen and other equipment in mining equipment often use spherical roller bearings to withstand strong impact and vibration.

3. Paper making machinery: Drying cylinders, calenders and other equipment in paper making machinery also often use spherical roller bearings to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

4. Reducer: Spherical roller bearings are also commonly used in various reducers to withstand large radial and axial loads.

In short, spherical roller bearings are widely used in various mechanical equipment and play an important role in improving the operating efficiency and stability of equipment.

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