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The problems and solution for Thin-section Bearings with sealing

Jun 06, 2020
 1.Why does grease spill over from the seal of thin section bearings ?

The reason is that the bearing structure size is special and the sealing space size is small, which limits the rationality of the sealing structure.

Solution: Choose a reasonable process method, through many process tests, under the premise of meeting the use requirements, to eliminate the phenomenon of grease leakage of sealed bearings.

2.Why does the dust-proof and dust-proof performance of sealed thin section bearings decrease?

The reasons are as follows: because of the special structure of bearings with equal cross-section, they have the characteristics of thin wall, small volume, light weight, small sealing space, poor rigidity and easy deformation. For bearing parts (including seals) hot processing, cold processing, testing requirements are strict, high precision requirements. At present, the size and quality of Thin-walled bearing seals on the market are basically the same. Because of the processing error, it will cause poor sealing performance or large friction moment, which can not meet the needs of sealed bearings.

Solution: In order to meet the sealing requirements and frictional moment requirements of bearings, combined with the processing accuracy of bearing parts which are easy to deform and dimension tolerance and the processing accuracy of sealing rings, according to limited bearing space, personalized design of sealing ring structure size is carried out to compensate for the processing accuracy error of bearing parts and sealing parts. Expected results to meet user requirements.

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