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bearings processing flow

Mar 30, 2022
 CHG establishing our own institutes named Rolling Mill Bearing Institute and Precision Bearing Institute, we have had multiple patented technologies with outstanding achievements in the Design, Research and Development of Rolling Mill Bearings and Precision Thin-section Bearings.  In 2018, our company was recognized as "Luoyang High Precision Thin-section Bearing Engineering Research Center." 

Our quality control from raw material to finished products all step by ourself, here i will share our bearings processing flow:


We have a team of engineers with more than 30 years of professional bearing experience to serve you. You only need to provide some parameters, such as bearing size, working conditions (temperature, load, load capacity), required accuracy, speed, etc., we can design or customize the bearings according to your requirements. If necessary, please contact us to send you a Investigation Form of Bearing Operating Conditions.

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