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Bearing knowledge - Steel

Oct 14, 2022

With the development and improvement of science and technology, different machinery and technologies have sprung up in our lives after the trend. They bring convenience to our lives and also achieve room for our technology development. Refining and manufacturing also made the development of our machinery industry a qualitative leap. In our bearing industry, the most important link must be the choice of steel. The life of the bearing depends on the quality of the steel, and it can also be said that the steel plays an indispensable role in the life of the bearings.




1. Army armor steel (electric residue heavy melting bearing steel) ZGCR15

Precision bearing standard bearing steel ZGCR15 [1.8 times the life of GCR15 bearing steel (BQ-Steel)]

 The quality of bearing raw materials can have a huge impact on the fatigue life of the bearings. This is caused by different sizes of non -sizes in bearing steel. If it is a traditional ordinary bearing steel, the size of these miscellaneous objects can reach 100 microns and converge densely. The load that the bearings bear during operation are always changing. These large -sized miscellaneous objects will first cause fatigue cracks, causing the damage of the bearing material to cause bearing damage. High -precision bearing standard series of steel uses domestic high -pure (smelting method is electric residue heavy melting) ZGCR15 (military armor 61) bearing steel and OVAKO BQ -Steel clean bearing steel: The above high -pure bearing steel mixed is generally less than 20 microns, fatigue strength strength strength strength, fatigue strength strength strength It reaches more than 600 to 800MPa, which realizes the long life of the bearings, which is 1.8 times more than the bearing manufactured by the traditional vacuum -proof bearing steel.

Material code: Z can be omitted

Applicable products: widely used in various bearing




2. High -speed bearing steel

High -speed high -reliability bearing steel HGCR15 [3 times the life of GCR15 bearing steel (IQ -Steel)]

Some bearings require higher fatigue intensity and reliable life and can cope with higher and more complex stress.

High -speed and high -reliability bearing series steel adopts domestic high -purity (smelting method is vacuum induction+vacuum self -consumption (dual vacuum)) HGCR15 bearing steel and Sweden OVAKO IQ -STEEL super clean bearing steel: The above high -pure bearing steel miscellaneous materials are generally less than 10 Micron, fatigue intensity reaches 800 to 900MPa, Ovako IQ -STEEL also has the characteristics of the same sex after rolling. In this way, the long life and high reliability of the bearings are realized, compared with the traditional vacuum -proof bearing steel manufacturing of the bearing steel, the life span has been increased by 3 times and the reliability is 3 times.

Material code: H/IQ




3. Thermal bearing steel

Long life bearing steel zyg42e [4 times the life of GCR15 bearing steel]

ZYG42E high -speed heat -resistant steel is surface hardening heat -resistant bearing steel. Its smelting method is vacuum induction+vacuum self -consumption (double vacuum) smelting: characteristic is high temperature resistance, high surface hardness, and high wear resistance. Good fracture toughness, impact toughness, residual compression stress, etc.

The bearing made from this steel has the following characteristics:

 1. Life span is 4 times higher than the bearings manufactured by ordinary bearing steel

 2. Increase high -speed performance by 20%

 3. It can work for a long time below 300 ° C

 4. Have a good life span in the pollution environment


 Material code: G42


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